Ridership Independence for the Disabled in Buncombe County

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How do I use a voucher?

Only the certified participant whose name is on the voucher may use the voucher.  Vouchers cannot be sold or transferred to other individuals. 

You will choose a participating provider from the list below for the trip to be taken and will call the provider’s contact number.  You identify yourself as a RIDE Program user and schedule a pick-up time.  You may call any of the providers listed to schedule a ride.


Phone Number


Areawide Transportation 828-713-4710  
Beer City Transportation 828-774-2337  
Cesar's Family Services/David's Transportation 828-215-0715 cesarfamilyservices.com/transportation.html
Mercury Transportation 828-243-9622  
Mr. B's Transportation 828-424-6779  
Special Occasions Limousine 828-681-2811  
Weaverville Cab Company 828-575-8065  

Once the trip is scheduled, you will fill out the required information on the voucher. Drivers cannot accept incomplete vouchers. 

The voucher should be presented to the driver at the end of the trip.  A maximum of five vouchers may be used for payment of a one-way trip, regardless of the fare due at the end of the trip.  If the metered fare or trip cost exceeds $50.00, you must pay the difference.  If the metered fare or trip cost is less than $10.00, no change will be provided to you.  You must remit a voucher and any remaining cost when the trip ends.

You are responsible for paying for any additional charges for the service, including any additional fee or surcharge for other passenger(s) accompanying the participant, luggage surcharges, wait time, or tip.  In addition and if applicable, the participant shall also pay for any additional fees or extra charges that may be applicable.  Tipping is optional; it should be based on courtesy and service rendered, especially if drivers provide extra assistance with packages and bags. 

You then submit the white copy to the driver after all required information is filled in and you have signed the voucher.  You keep the yellow copy for your records.